Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cape San Blas - excerpt of White Star

I pull into a picnic area just before the campsites and peer through my windshield at the scenery. It’s woodsier than I might have thought a peninsula would be. There are mostly pine trees around the picnic and campsite area, along with a bunch of palms, oaks, pecan and even poplars. It’s like a melting pot for plant-life.
Flowering shrubbery and plants dot the line just above the sea oats along the shore. The vibrant fuchsia, red, yellow and orange blooms seem to shout their exotic heritage, making me feel as though I don’t belong amongst their beauty. But the softer-colored sea oats waving in the breeze beckon to me.
I step out of the car slowly, suddenly afraid, and the fragrant sea lavender assails my senses, taking me back to a sweeter time. Grandma used to keep it on her kitchen windowsill, saying they made the room smell like she’d been baking.

Just curious. Not that it's important, but does anyone understand the symbolism of the poplars?


  1. It has something to do with mythology doen't it? I really like your writing. What kinda book is White Star?

    1. Yes, you're right, but that's all the mythology there is in the book, mythological symbolism to feed the more advanced readers. And thank you so much.
      White Star is a young adult romance with a supernatural slant.