Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Over the years, I've heard a thousand different sayings, made up words, one-liners, incorrect/conflicting phrases, and I would make a point to remember whatever it was because I wanted to use it. I enjoy making fun of people but not in a mean way. When I heard these things, I didn't think 'What an idiot', instead I thought it was fantastic that this person chose me to drop that line with. I felt like I'd won a prize... a new toy to add to my collection.
 Here are a few (and my memory is terrible so I'll probably have to add to this - just check back). If you think of some of your own please leave me a comment. You can add to my collection!

Thingyadoomahickie = thing that you've forgotten the name of
Thingamajigger= same as above though for me the tone is more serious : )
 Right now in a minute = soon
I done did it = working on it
I dood it = did it
Chew, chew, chew = this has no meaning but breaks the tension
I want a Subway = no, I don't want to buy the store, I want a sub sandwich
Wrong scurdaddles = it's backwards/inside out


  1. Posting for: Surly Strsd (her thingyadoomahickie wouldn't work lol)
    thingamabob = same as Thingyadoomahickie and a Thingamajigger.
    dohickey = same as above

  2. caddywampus(askew)
    in a jiffy (soon)