Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lisa's Awesome Line Edit Contest!!!

Are you an author who needs a little more help when it comes to gerund phrases and commas? Do you slip up with your tenses from time to time? You may be heavy on adjectives, "ly" adverbs, or crawler words like very, and you have no idea. I will know it and, if you win this contest, I’ll point out every single thing to you. Yes, line edits for your entire manuscript. I’m a newspaper editor and, in the past few years, it’s transferred well to the literary world. This is a contest to win a line edit from me and here’s how you enter the drawing:
- Follow this blog and comment “Hello, Lisa. It’s me.” (sounds creepy butIlikeit) This equals one entry.
- Follow me on twitter and tweet to me “Hello, Lisa. It’s me.” This equals one entry.
- Retweet me each time I mention this contest and tweet “Hello, Lisa…” Just kidding. I’ll keep track of my mentions. Each retweet equals one entry.
(You can’t retweet the same tweet over and over, but I’ll give you several opportunities to rack up more and more entries)
Because, guess what. The more entries you have, the more of a chance you have to win.
But Lisa, you say, can I enter if we are friends? In this digital age, we meet people online all the time and call each other friends (facebook does, anyway). So here’s what I say to that. If I have never stood in front of you and looked at your face, then you may enter. I’m not saying a physical encounter makes us friends or not, that’s just the parameters for this contest.
So…that leaves me with the deadline – Jan. 31.
Are you excited? I am! Without further ado, let’s begin!