Thursday, March 17, 2011


The girl happily tapped on her laptop; her family was gone out of town and, finally, all was quiet. No music, no television, no distractions - this was how she did her best work. Sarah was by herself for the night and the hours stretched out before her like a candy bar to a child.
Sarah had never been scared to be alone even though her house was old and often made weird noises. So when her lights suddenly flickered a few hours later, she didn't overreact as a typical teenager would. She didn't squeal and immediately call anyone who would listen like her best friend, Steph, would. Instead, Sarah looked up and smirked at the irony.  
It's late at night and I'm alone in a house that is rumored to be haunted, she thought, what's the chances of my house deciding to freak out on me now after all these years of living here.
"I'm not going to believe in ghosts all of the sudden, so give it up," she told her light fixture.
Sarah's words bounced off the towering walls of her bedroom then she heard it, the brief but unmistakable sound of a baby's cry. Sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lips as she tried to find a rational explanation for the sound.
Someone was taking a stroll with their baby. Nope, it's midnight. Maybe the baby couldn't sleep. Sarah, there are no babies even on your block. It was a cat. Coming from your living room? You don't have a cat and they don't exactly sound like that. 
Whoosh, came from the game room. It was like the sound of someone letting a curtain drop back into place after looking out the window.
There are only blinds covering the windows in that room. And there aren't supposed to be 'someones' in there!
Sarah squealed and immediately began dialing numbers of anyone who would listen.
"I'm so scared. Will you come get me-e-e-e." The last came out in broken sobs.

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