Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another very nice review

White Star

My my.

I read the blurb. I got excited. My expectations were high.
I knew I would love it.
But even so, I was shocked by the raw beauty of your prose.

The first part was thrilling. It was heartwrenching and sad, even as it was terrifyingly intense. It was captivating and so horribly lovely that it had my heart pounding erratically in my chest, like a bird trapped in a cage, fighting to get out. I was captured by the very first sentence and I was never set free.
I’m not saying this to be a kiss-up. I’m being perfectly honest about how I felt, how I feel. I legitimately loved what I read.

The second part, even after such a stunning beginning, didn’t disappoint me. I love the way you introduced Phaethon and Lane. You didn’t drag it on for paragraph after paragraph of backstory that would take away from the immediate story-line. Instead you pulled it off with simple words pieced in smoothly to show a connection without going into extreme detail. And the teenage male antics were spot-on and refreshingly amusing.

Overall, I found this first chapter to be intriguing, unique, and ultimately the start to an awesome literary journey. I’m psyched to read the rest.

- Kennyninja

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