Monday, March 20, 2017

My books are free this week only!

To celebrate my paperback of Tidal coming out this week, I am offering all my ebooks for free! From Wednesday until Friday midnight, get one ebook for free. What the hell, I'll give you all of them! Just don't forget that at the stroke of midnight Friday the celebration is over.
There are two exceptions: 1. I can't offer Spin the Love for three days, so it's just Wednesday and Thursday that you may get it. 2. I can't offer 17 Promises, my co-written novel with Australian author Ashley Chegwyn, for free. However, you may want to buy it anyway to complete the collection.
Also, on Tidal, you get at little surprise after the novel. Yes, yes, yes! After much teasing I am finally going to release South of Light's End this year. See the first chapter of this YA Paranormal Romance at the end of Tidal.

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