Thursday, September 17, 2015

All great things must come to an end.

The sale is overr :(
BUT! You can still read my books - either free with Kindle Unlimited or for a relatively low price of $2.99.

While you're trying to make up your mind about which one you'd like to buy first, let me feed your readerly soul with things people are saying about my stories.

White Star:

"This book - one of the best I have read in recent times."

"I read this book in 2 days and I'd love to see it as a movie."

"It's certainly a tear jerker though so have the tissues ready."

"I spent a magical evening in the Keira's world!"

"Get ready to have your heart broken then stitched back up."

"My friends, be sure to grab your tissues. And, ahem, the heat factor is bumped up in White Star also."

"Amazing read brings young love and dreams and family into an emotionally compelling story that will keep you captivated as you find yourself walking along with Keira, feeling her every emotion!"


"A fast-paced, intriguing read with mystery, drama and a lot of moments of humor and romance"

"I want them all to be my friends!!!" She says about bandmembers of Jagged Black.

"I fell for Julian the moment I realized this rock star secretly pined for Emilie for a year." 

"I love the band! Amazing dynamic, I’m so happy! *dances* "

"This book hooks you from the beginning and leaves you squirming like a jabbed worm until the end."

"Anyone who doesn't read this is seriously missing out. "

"I'm pretty sure the English snob in me fell for Emilie at the mere mention of her writing poetry in "iambic pentameter" but the girly side of me was in love with Julian, the rocker with a heart of gold"

"The plot goes deeper than most books dealing with fame, fandom and bands, which was refreshing. It gripped me and had me hooked up until the last page."


"It became overwhelming at times, flirting with the lines between realism and insanity, but that was the point."

"One night whilst celebrating Jamie’s birthday the thrill begins when the family have two unexpected visitors. What follows is a fast pace thriller that you can not put down. (I read it in a matter of hours)." 

"This was a quick, sharp thriller. There was not a dull moment in it. I read it in one sitting, in one day. "

"The plot was riveting and completely original, keeping my adrenaline pumping right until the last page."

"Because of how the story went and the way the book was written I didn't want to stop reading. The suspense feeling being all the time alert."

"Suspense at its best."

"TRICOLOR is definitely not your average New Adult book. I never quite knew where it was going and the characters and plot constantly surprised me--in the best way."

Here are some hand-dandy links to buy them:
WHITE STAR is here.
TRICOLOR is here.
MOMENT(S) is here.

Not convinced yet? Then check out the book trailers. You can view them on my Youtube page here (there's also a pretty hilarious video of a pig eating a banana on there). 

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