Friday, July 26, 2013

Take a trip with me

I love trips! Obviously, I love the fun things we always do, but what's also fun is looking at the sub-divisions, trailer parks, apartment complexes and imagining the lives of the people living there. The cute guy mowing the grass, the girl locking her front door with a skateboard in her hand. What are their lives like?

You should take a trip with me.

We're going to the oldest town, St Augustine, Florida. Believe me, it's an insanely fun trip. Insane...yeah. So here's the catch. You have to take the trip as a manic seventeen-year-old girl who would fit in with the roaring twenties crowd better than the crowd of today. Don't be scared - the wardrobe is great. Whispy (you) revels in the idea of a game of Truth or Dare with Teddy and Flic, except there are no truths and the Dares are like cupids arrows coated in steroids. Whoa. You and your friends might be in for a world of hurt. Yeah, you're right to be worried. Maybe you should hold onto that arrow too - you never know when you might have to defend yourself. Good luck, Whispy. I hope you come out of this okay.

Spin the Love, a young adult psychological thriller, coming soon.

Wait, wait. Don't leave yet. My twitter friends are a huge help with naming characters. @celery named Whispy's frenemy Flic. Do me a favor and catch @celery totally by surprise by saying something about her name choice. The response is always funny. Do you mind tagging me in that so I can see it too?

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