Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Holiday!

by Lisa Terry

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of holiday people in this world, and each of the groups think they are better than the other.
I shall explain. I was in a department store the other day and noticed prettily decorated Christmas trees on display. I was shocked they were already out as I haven’t even thought of Halloween costumes yet. But there were two ladies looking them over who weren’t surprised at all; as a matter of fact, they were talking about how their Christmas preparations were coming along already.
"I’ve got all the grandkids' presents now - even Benny. You know, he’s at that age it’s hard to buy for, but I found him one of those electronic games," said the lady with a rather tall hair-do.
"Mm-hm. Linda is gonna get you if you keep calling him that," said the shorter lady.
"Pff. At least I got them young’uns something. I always wonder how she pulls off Christmas when she puts it off so long," Tall Hair said.
“Well bless her heart," Short lady said.
Their conversation went on but I quit listening. I, like Linda, haven’t started my Christmas planning and rarely do until the month of December begins. But here’s the interesting thing. I’m not ashamed of it. I am actually kind of proud of that fact.  I can get done in a few weeks what people like the above women get done in a few months. I have many family members that tut-tut over what they view as my lack of organization and preparation but they just don’t understand.
The craziness that I bring upon myself in December is fun. I wallow in the chaos of the season. I often think of my aunt’s and cousin’s preparations and say to myself "Bless their hearts. How can this be fun for them? They make it seem like work."  But I am wrong.
As much as I revel in the chaos of the season, they revel in the planning and creative thinking they put into the holiday. So I am calling a truce. I will no longer pity you if you no longer pity me.

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