Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have you ever thought about your duty to the world? Like a scientist who comes upon the cure for cancer, I believe writers have a duty also. As a writer I have gone through the past 15 years thinking I was fulfilling that responsibility. I was sharing my mind and thoughts with others via the newspaper and conveying information to the people of my town. Not that all reporters are meant to be fiction authors, but I am and I’ve been holding back. I’ve had out-of-the-box thoughts, pretty little stories and longer deeper stories and I haven’t been sharing. Someone recently urged me to share a story about plants and bears that I thought was too silly. But if something in our head can bring a smile to someone’s face, make someone not feel so alone in the world, help someone understand why s/he feels the way s/he does… If it could help anyone in any way, isn’t it our duty to get it out there? I believe it is. I will stop being selfish and begin putting my thoughts out there. And, if I find that scientist with the cure, I will shake him until he spills the beans!

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